Adonis Papakirykos revealed an inclination towards arts and particularly drawing, in early childhood. He studied interior design where he was fascinated by the history of civilizations, scenography, art installations and graduated with distinction from University of Derby. He then studied architecture in London Metropolitan University, now Cass School of Architecture, where he looked at mixed use buildings, residential complexes, and public buildings, generating deep consideration for the urban landscape.

Since 2002, Adonis has worked on residential and commercial projects for high end architectural practices in Athens and London, and as a self-employed architect.

He spent fourteen years working closely with subcontractors, craftsmen, and suppliers to ensure integrity in his design and build projects and dive into construction. He leads the projects with enthusiasm and passion, be it a master plan or a product design, from concept, to developed design and thorough technical design all the way through construction.

His design perception has been shaped through studies and work experience, aspiring to fulfill human needs with an efficient manmade environment, adding value.